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Posted by: | Posted on: August 25, 2015

What to Expect When Staying in a Motel

Sometimes we need to travel for us and our kids to experience fun places and events. For that reason I’ve written a short post on what you should expect when traveling and staying in motels.

Travel with kidsMotels are completely different places for you to live. A different lifestyle is adopted when staying in these places. You need to understand the life there and adjust or prepare in advance. There are things that you are expected to do and others not to do. Understanding them prior to visiting these places can make your experience there more enjoyable. Visit the motels’ websites to get information, for example if you are heading to Charleville try searching Google for ‘Charleville Accommodation‘ to check out your options.

There is a way of life in every place. Whenever the environment changes, then everything changes. People will be new to them and you specifically need to know how to deal with different people. There are no rules that you can make because it is not your home. You make suggestions in any case. If you have never experienced life in a motel, here are some information that will help you learn of what to expect out there.

Time for check-in

Motels are meant for access by many visitors. You are not alone. Don’t assume that they know you are going there and that they will allow you any time you want. Only if you have the guts, can this happen. By guts I mean that you are a celebrity with the money to order for a reservation at any time. The motels needs to be cleaned after the visitors leave in the morning. This is usually done in the morning hours and if you check in at say 11 am, you are not guaranteed of being allowed in. most of the motels will allow visitors in during the evening hours from 2-4 pm. You should also not be very late because you can find the motel fully booked.

Motel ‘walking’ services

This is a language known to the motel niche alone. ‘Walking’ here means something else very different. It is where the motel doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate you and they have to send you to another motel or hotel. You should expect this especially if you book by means of third-party travelling sites. When you do it this way, then you can be responsible for accommodation and transport to your next motel that you will be directed to. When you book directly to the motel sites and they happen to have no accommodation, then you are safe. It is not your problem. The motel should pay for your transport and accommodation in the new property. Don’t make a mistake and pay for these. You can also check out the motels facebook page where they will often post updates if they are full or near capacity

Make complaints

You are the boss while in motels and therefore you need to stand out where you notice some wrongs. You can leave suggestions when leaving for your home for upgrades during your next visit or make an official complaint. You have paid for these services and don’t stay and agree to whatever they say. Make sure your money is utilized well.

General behavior

It is not your home and mostly the public is involved. For example people don’t like it when you walk around with your robe everywhere. Your general performance should be desirable for social purposes.