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Posted by: | Posted on: October 15, 2014

Had to change Locks after my Childs Birthday Party

We had the unfortunate experience of having to change the locks on our house after hosting a birthday party for our son. My main set of keys which was sitting on the sideboard as they usually do were taken (or are missing) which we noticed not long after the party had ended and everyone had gone home. Not wanting to take any risks we organised for our locks to be changed immediately. Anyway a long story short, we got on to a local locksmith who came out within a few hours and did an amazing job so this is a little shout out to them and a review of their services as a thank you for helping us out so promptly.

The company was API Locksmiths. They have a 24hr locksmith service, car key cutting, mobile locksmith, restricted keys, safe and vault services, master key system, access control and 24/7 alarm monitoring.

The 24hr locksmith services operate throughout the day and one of their key areas is Locksmith servicing Sydney. They can be sought when one locks him or herself and looked out from your house or office, when you need a replacement of lost and broken keys, when you are not impressed with your locks and they need changing and assist securing premises in tough times like after a burglary. The emergency services are meant for immediate response like what we needed therefore the company has a well-organized plan and in their capacity of 90 vehicles for your emergencies. Their 24hr mobile locksmith covers a wide are of Australia thus ensures prompt services during emergencies.

The key cutting services of API Locksmiths Melbourne is exemplary in that it offers duplication of car keys at low cost. They offer spare auto-transponder keys. These are modern keys that provide radio transmission between the car and the key which means they are programmed to start a particular car; this reduces car theft. They keys can be made for all models of cars listed by the company.

The API Locksmiths company has access to all restricted key service in Australia. These keys have unique key blanks made from a specified locksmith. These restrictions are validated through patents and design registration. The keys vary from low, medium and high security use. These keys mark the foundations of master keys.

API Locksmiths Company offers master key lock systems. This key will enable you to open all locks of your specifications. This company is well informed in many systems which include kaba, galaxy, abloy, cliq, bilock and proteq. It is also a leading distributor of abloy, lockwood, galaxy, bilock and kaba. The API Locksmiths Company has a hand in providing master key lock systems services for a large portion of Australian blue chip companies and many government departments in Australia. Quality is expected when you seek these services from the company. Access control is can be integrated in the master keys to create benefits such as time zones, controlling access, comprehensive reporting and audit Capability.

The company has services different models of vaults, safes and strong doors used in domestic, commercial, government and industrial settings. The services offered include accredited servicing to The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) standards, opening and repairing safes and safety deposit boxes, changing combinations and supply and distribution of diplomat safes in Australia. And lastly they have a 24/7 Alarm monitoring service in Melbourne this helps in providing alarm monitoring and guard response services anywhere in the country.

As I mentioned we were very pleased with their service and helping us out of a bind and I have no hesitation recommending them.

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The Guide to Easy & Perfect Kids Parties

The perfect kid’s party is any party full of fun and laughter with NO tears.

The scariest thing about kids parties is watching a mob of kids snowball out of control, high on party food with nothing to do. The Key to enjoying a kid’s party for the Kids and their grownups alike is keeping the kids busy with Entertainment.

Kids just want to have fun.

Homemade party games are easy and fun. Each one will fill in between 15minutes and half an hour. Freeze dance, pass the parcel, limbo, I make pinatas too, round ones the kids can kick so no stick required. Any form of pin the tail on the donkey, I have done put the button on the robot and stick the buffers on the train too. Instead of having lollies out with the party food I carry a basket of lollies with me to encourage participation, everyone who plays gets to choose a lolly from the basket. Homemade obstacle course in the back yard and a stop watch will use up some of that party energy, and a treasure hunt uses up extra time.Kids Parties

Of course you don’t have to do the entertaining yourself. There are many companies that can provide tailor made entertainment for your birthday boy or girl and all their friends. Everything from Fairy’s, Princesses, Magicians, Pirates, Superheros, Animal farms, whatever you want, have room for and are willing to pay for. Some are really cost affective if they do the party bags and everything. If you have the room for it in the backyard big bouncy jumping castles will entertain everyone, keep them outside and wear them out. If you’re lucky your own kids will get extra time to jump before and after the party too. Woohoo… Try Jumping Castle Hire Caboolture if you are local, they have some great themed castles.

Only plan the Party for as long as you can entertain your guests. And put both the start and end times on the party invitation so everyone knows when to go home. For morning or afternoon tea parties with homemade entertainment 2 hours is plenty. You only need half an hour for arrivals and a snack. Play, Play, Play, than half an hour for Cake and party bag goodbyes. If you’re lucky they might spend half an hour opening gifts if they didn’t already rip them open on arrival. Weather the party is at a party venue, at home, at the park, at the pool that’s all you need to plan for. Food, cake, and Fun, Fun, Fun.

Be kind to yourself in the planning too. If you don’t like those noisy blowers, don’t buy them. If you don’t like cleaning up silly slime, don’t put it in the party bags. Bubbles, plastic animals, pencils, novelty erases and so many more quiet non sticky alternatives are available.

Don’t stress about having the perfect party planed. Plan a perfectly fun, easy party. You can’t make a party fun with perfect, but you can make a party perfect with fun. After all parties are just for fun.

For further reference check out inflatable castles on Wikipedia